Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin Government Worker Protest

It is hard to believe that teachers, police, firefighters, and the other government paid workers can continue to have guaranteed jobs and do their protesting while at the same time be paid by the very government they are protesting. Teachers say they care about students and that is why they are protesting and yet they leave the classroom as soon as they feel the recession. What a bunch of hypocritical nonsense. The protesting teachers are so selfish that they would leave the children without an education. For years, I mean decadeS, the education industry has had their way with the taxpayers. The very taxpayers paying the teacher salaries are being laid off and the teacher gets to trot through the hard times on the backs of the unemployed. The unemployed are trying to get their kids to school while the teacher protesting the taxpayer because they are not paying enough taxes to give them a comfortable life style. Or by that same token the taxpayer should borrow what they cannot raise in taxes which means these loving teacher would rather the students they teach pay their salary with future taxes they must pay on the debt of the past. My question to these teachers is this: How much of the debt burden would you have been willing to pay if the previous generation saddled you with payroll debt you expect these children to pay in the future.