Saturday, February 20, 2010

Republican Primary

Please vote! The Primary Election is the battle for the best, most conservative candidate for the November General Election. November is the wrong time to complain about the Republican candidate because at that point you have a choice between a Republican that will have "some" reason to be held account, and a Democrat for which accountability is something that you can count on for the other side. If a Democrat wins in November, you lose valuable influence that even a RINO would be better than a D. That being said the only time we should direct our efforts to removing a RINO is in the Primary and not the General. I only time I encourage third party candidates is if they will bleed away Democrat votes, NOT Republican. Sometimes a third party candidate comes around that is more conservative than the RINO, I admit it is tempting to vote for that third party candidate, but it is to the detriment of the conservative movement to through away a vote that could keep a D out of office. To give up on the system and allow the Democrats to rule the day is not an option and we must fight this temptation. Even the power of incumbency CAN be defeated in the primary if we hold to our convictions and vote them out in the Primary. That is why regardless of who wins in the Republican Primary in March I will be voting a straight ticket Republican ballot in November.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


It’s funny how hard I try not post anything on Facebook that might be mean spirited. I do, in fact, try to post things that are truthful and funny about politics and the human condition. I take great pains not to offend and yet people still want to be offended. I think we take ourselves too seriously and when someone points out a logical flaw in their reasoning, they choose to take the easy road and unfriend. I don't mind the casual Facebook friend doing this. However, the real life friends from years past really discourage me. In that, rather than confront the issue, they just silently fly away thinking that they do not need to be bothered by the likes of some conservative nut job. I want to understand how my long time friends are offended, but they would rather pretend people like me don’t exist.